We share exclusive client referrals with our network of the top PR talent in the world

We match elite PR teams

with innovative global companies

to accomplish their PR goals

We refer $100M in PR retainers every quarter

  • Valuable Clients

    Every quarter we refer $100M in client value to agencies in our network.
  • Proven Track Record

    Our top agency partners report a 40x ROI on their Bullpen investment.

  • Consistent Deal Flow

    Hundreds of companies work with us every quarter to find them the right PR team.

Clients we've referred to our network

We've helped thousands of companies find the PR team of their dreams. While we work in every industry, most of our clients are in the Technology, Energy, Healthcare, Finance, and CPG sectors in North America.

"Bullpen is a great solution for passive lead generation. We believe in this approach so much that we encourage our agency clients to try Bullpen as well. Not yet one full year into this engagement, and will get approximately an 11x ROI!"

Brad MacAfee
Founder & CEO, Mission + Cause
Former CEO, Porter Novelli

A network of hundreds of growing PR teams

Freelancer? We can help you too. We have over one hundred ambitious freelancers in our network.

Powering the growth of ambitious PR teams

"We already have a 12x ROI with Bullpen. Working with them has been nothing short of extraordinary. We won a client right out the gate."

Matt Kovacs
President, Blaze PR

"Our ROI with Bullpen is 30x and counting. What I really like about Bullpen is that we get to review the opportunities and only accept the ones that are right for us. That saves time, money and energy."

Greg Rankin
President & CEO, Rankin PR

"One of our favorite clients came from Bullpen. This week, we're attending their company conference, speaking at the event, and producing a training workshop for their field leaders. Our ROI with Bullpen is 7.5x."

Jason Mudd
CEO, Axia Public Relations
‍Host, On Top of PR

"Our ROI with Bullpen so far is 25x. Bullpen's model is really a no-brainer. Every client I close pays for 5-10 more meetings every month. If I close two clients with Bullpen, I now get 10-20 meetings per month, and so on. My growth can be astronomical, or as fast as I want it to be."

Ethan Raisel
Co-founder & CEO, Lightspeed PR

"In our first six months with Bullpen, we surpassed a 30x ROI, and that's assuming the clients we've signed only stay with us through the next 2 months. Our ROI will only continue to grow. We could not be more pleased with the results."

Doyle Albee
President & CEO, Comprise

We're your long-term growth partners

9 out of 10 agencies that meet with 5 clients from Bullpen make us their core growth partner and increase their marketing spend with us

How Bullpen works

We hand-match you to qualified clients right in your wheelhouse

We provide full transparency on each client, including a video recording of our sales interview with them

We introduce you directly to any client you want

We refer each client to a maximum of only 5 agencies

You pay a flat referral fee after meeting the client

The highest bidders win the introduction

"Bullpen makes it simple. One of the best parts of Bullpen is that they fit into my workflow rather than asking me to fit into theirs. I get a Slack message when there are opportunities ready for me to review, and from there I'm just a click away from everything I need to make a decision."

Doyle Albee
President & CEO, Comprise

How much does Bullpen cost?

We earn money by connecting you with engaged, qualified clients. If you don't want to meet any of our clients, we don't charge you any referral fees. On average, agencies bid on 20% of the clients we match them with.

    You have the chance to bid on every client we match you with. The top 5 bidders get introduced to the client.


    We've seen winning bids in the range of $300 - $1,800. The average winning bid is $750.


    We charge a $99/mo membership fee for access to our client deal flow.

"One of the great things about Bullpen is that you are paying for meetings actually secured. If the meeting is cancelled or the prospect turns out not to be an opportunity I want to pursue, I'm not charged. Trying Bullpen is a no-brainer."

Brad MacAfee
Founder & CEO, Mission + Cause
Former CEO, Porter Novelli

"We’ve worked with a variety of marketing services. Bullpen is the first one that is truly effective. The leads are top notch. I can choose which to pursue. I’m not locked into a monthly spend. And I don’t get a bunch of random meetings with companies that waste my time."

Ethan Raisel
Co-founder & CEO, Lightspeed PR

The Bullpen Guarantee

We earn money by connecting you with qualified, engaged clients right in your wheelhouse. We don't want to charge you for a referral you're not excited about. Our guarantee is that we'll only charge you a referral fee after you've met with a client and confirm to us that you actually want to pursue the deal.

"No process is completely risk-free. A $75k/year BDR would need to close more than $2.2 million a year to match my ROI with Bullpen. And unlike with a BDR's salary, with Bullpen, we can simply press the pause button and the expenses stop."

Doyle Albee
President & CEO, Comprise

Ready to join Bullpen?

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What happens after I sign up?

You'll fill out a quick form to create your Bullpen profile

Primarily we need to understand what exactly your ideal client is, so we can start matching them with you

You'll receive an invite to our private Slack channel

Over Slack we offer quick support and notify you when you have new matches

You'll start receiving client matches within a few days

Keep in mind that the more nuanced your ideal client is, the less matches you'll receive