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PR, the Metrics Multiplier

If the world doesn't trust you, you won't sell a thing. PR is a tool for you to create and improve your business' credibility. When people hear about you from third party sources they trust, they'll trust you more.

PR is not just about traffic. Improving trust and credibility multiplies the core metrics of your entire business. Media placements (articles, blog posts, TV, radio, or podcast interviews) send bursts of targeted, qualified traffic to your website. Linking to your news coverage on your website improves your conversion rate (on both your website and in your sales pipeline). And more credibility means your customers are more likely to buy more expensive services more often.

An investment in PR is not just about improving your sales and marketing funnels. It impacts the rest of your business as well.

You need credibility to raise investment rounds and get financing from banks. The more credibility you have, the more investors you'll be able to attract, the more you'll be able to raise, and the higher the valuation you can justify.

Credibility also makes it easier to build teams. The best talent wants to work for the best companies. More credibility attracts more high quality talent, and decreases your employee turnover rate.

With an average PR investment of $10,000/mo over a 24-month period, you could generate more than an 11x ROI.

The figures behind this example:

Before PR
After PR
Website Traffic
10,000 visits/mo
11,000 visits/mo (+10%)
Sign-Up Rate
3.6% (+20%)
Paid Conversation Rate
5.5% (+10%)
Average Order Value
$328/mo (+10%)
Annual Retention Rate
84% (+5%)
Initial Revenue
Total Revenue Growth After 24 Months
Average Monthly Revenue Growth Each Month
24-month Cumulative Revenue
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So you have pre-game jitters?

Taking the leap with PR can feel like a big gamble.

We get it. It's a critical decision with considerable impact for you, your career, your company, and more. We’re here to make sure your funds are wisely spent.

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We take the risk out of investing in PR.

We give you back control: You set your monthly spend and our model comes with robust money-back guarantees. And you can change or add publicists to your account anytime you want with no additional fees.

Risk-Free Engagements

We make it easy.

Sign up with us and we'll match you with a publicist that has just the right qualifications—whether it be experience, industry background, or media relationships.

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We know our stuff.

We've worked with clients in a lot of varied fields, be they small or big and we've secured placement with the most credible outlets locally, nationally and internationally.

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We offer more.

If earned media, where we create or obtain coverage for clients for free, is our bread and butter, we embrace a broader definition of Public Relations which includes assignments as diverse as influencer campaigns, media monitoring, brand messaging or even crisis communications support.

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Who We Work With

Companies our PR teams helped put on the map
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Public Relations Services

  • Prepare clients for press conferences
  • Answer media interviews
  • Write speeches for company leaders
  • Identify speaking opportunities
  • Write website and social media content
  • Lead crisis management
  • Develop media kits
  • Devise influencer campaigns
  • Distribute press releases
  • Oversee product launches
  • Arrange interviews for company leaders
  • Work with the press
  • Develop brand awareness
  • Deliver speeches
  • Offer copywriting services
  • Lead PR workshops
  • Manage investor relations
  • Act as the company spokesperson
  • Provide media monitoring
  • Secure press placements
  • Manage internal communications
  • Support brand messaging
  • Design communications campaigns
  • Write content for news
  • Orchestrate PR stunts
  • Write press releases
  • Manage events
  • Draft crisis communications
  • Provide media training
  • Create brand messaging
  • Manage company reputation
  • Other marketing activities

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