Bullpen Was Born to Democratize PR

We started Bullpen to create a new model for PR that is accessible for everyone. Everyone on our team is excited to contribute to our re-imagination of PR and the clients we work with every day.

No Problem is Unsolvable

This unshakeable belief informs all that we do and all of who we are. This is why you'll find here a team of creative, dedicated and tenacious individuals who work tirelessly at making our wildest dreams come true.

We take our work seriously so we don't have to take ourselves so seriously.

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Matt Henderson

Co-Founder & CEO

In nearly a decade of work in the PR industry, Matt has secured placements in hundreds of media outlets from the Washington Post to The Independent to GQ. He built PR technology used by thousands of companies globally like KAYAK, LendingTree, and Universal Music Group. For his marketing work, VICE called him a “genius” and Business Insider a “vigilante.” Matt currently splits his time between Philadelphia, PA and New York, NY.

Aaron Tsai

Co-Founder & COO

Aaron started his career as a cancer researcher at UC San Diego Health. After publishing his research in a top-tier scientific journal, he transitioned to tech and built technology platforms across multiple industries, including science, entertainment, and crypto. Before co-founding Bullpen, he built and operated a PR technology platform used by thousands of companies globally. Aaron currently lives in San Diego, CA.

Ryan Dwyer

Curator & Director of Operations

Ryan started his career in politics, advancing to a chief of staff role on Capitol Hill (the youngest chief of staff during his tenure). He’s worked with congressmen and presidential candidates; after politics he transitioned to the advertising industry and finally PR. He ran PR campaigns for the state of Tennessee, as well as Fortune 500 companies, musicians, award-winning directors and billion-dollar tech startups. Ryan currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Gene Evangelist

Senior Account Executive

Gene began his Marketing career with Burger King after receiving an MBA from University of Miami. He has extensive experience in sales, digital marketing, search, web and app development, social media, ad tech, and retail. Motivated by his niece, as a volunteer nurse, during the height of the covid crisis, Gene began creation of a peer-to-peer chat app for the behavioral health of first responders. Gene has recently rebuilt a 100 year old Sears Roebuck catalog house. Gene currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA.

Matched for Success

Bullpen follows an unconventional engagement model for the PR industry. We match our clients to elite publicists to maximize their brand awareness, credibility and success.

We nurture an expansive network of publicists who offer unique, desirable skills in diverse and varied industries, markets and geographies. Our team is like no other.

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